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Los Angeles is one of the worlds fashion capitals. It is the US imported fashion entry port from Asia where majority of imported clothing to US comes from. Nestled at the heart of Los Angeles' Fashion District, Noel Daganta Photography photographs for some of the biggest name brands in the fashion industry. He shoots catalogs, look books, e-commerce and portfolios for commercial and personal purposes. He can shoot in studio or on location. He can also provide models, hair and make-up artists and stylists.

Before getting into full-time photography, Noel did talent management and has dealt with many companies and agencies for his talents. He has acquired knowledge on what images sell and works with potential clients and audience. With that knowledge, he shoots basing on what works for certain purposes. His images are magazine friendly, usable and functional that can be used for whatever professionalcommercial and personal reasons without being too edgy, over-bearing or too sexy.

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