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If you go online, read magazines or watch TV, more than likely you have seen product images that Noel Daganta has shot. If you are looking for a photographer to photograph your product in Los Angeles, Noel should be on the top your list. Your product image is determined by the images you put out there. It also sets the tone for you branding.  Noel understands and is a firm believer of right branding can determine the success of your product. He has shot images that landed on the pages of GQ, Vogue, SHAPE and billboards around the world. He has also shot images that have been used on TV, film and ad campaigns online.

Noel will work with you from conceptualization of desired images to final edited photographs within the time frame you need and budget you allocated.  Many of the images he shot for companies have appeared in major fashion and fitness magazines all over the world.

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