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Los Angeles Studio Photography Club Meetup

Updated: May 5, 2018

The Los Angeles Studio Photography Club Meetup is coming with a workshop next month and my studio will be hosting it. It will hopefully be a monthly event. Although the workshop is mainly for entry level skills, it is open to everyone who wants to further skills and knowledge in studio photography. As a host, I will be guiding everyone and will be imparting some of my knowledge and experiences I gathered through the years.

There will two different kind of workshops every month. One will be mainly for beginners while another will be more focused on certain styles of photography such as shooting studio headshots and portraits.

Below is the details of the first workshop to be held on April 14, 2018, 1 pm-3:30 pm at my studio.

Introduction to Studio Photography


This workshop is an introduction to studio photography. If you have limited experience in studio photography or always wanted to try the equipment before buying them, this is your opportunity to get your hand one them. It will be limited to 6 participants. There will be two shoot stations and everyone will have the opportunity to shoot one model per station. In each stations, we will be using two different lights such mono-light, beauty dish, ring flash and 70in hexagonal. The first 30 min will be introduction to different lighting equipment we will be using and what are the differences between and when I normally use them. The participants will be then split in groups of 3 participants and will start shooting the models in two stations. I will be there to guide everyone. Each one will have at least 20 min of shooting time and will be able to use all the lights mentioned. During the workshop, I will be imparting my knowledge and experiences on how I normally shoot. It's best to check out my work and if you want to know how I achieve certain looks I will be more than happy answer them during the workshop.

I hope to see everyone. :)

Here is more info about the event;

Be sure to join our club:

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